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This Facilitators Guide to Learning4Content Workshops is a work in progress.

Before the Workshop

Below are a few checklists to help you prepare.

Pre workshop checklists

The timing will vary depending on circumstances. The "deadlines" offered below are therefore just notional.

When the workshop is confirmed

  • You will have confirmed to COL your availability
  • COL will have confirmed with the hosts that they will comply with the conditions
  • COL will have booked your flights/travel and accommodation
  • You can then establish contact with the workshop host (organisation representative / COL Focal point)
  • Fill in the dates of the workshop on the Face-to-Face workshop schedule
  • Create a new wiki page for the workshop

1 month before the workshop

You will contact the workshop host and advise on:

  • venue requirements
  • selection of participants
  • handouts and printing
    • make sure they have obtained the actual PDF lesson notes for all 11 lessons by downloading them, or to be sure, email them zipped up (comes to about 1.7MB))
    • make sure they have copies of the learning contracts and registration forms to distribute to participants

2 weeks before

  • You should have received the participants list, if not, encourage the workshop host to send it, with full details for each participant
  • When you have the participants list:
    • Fill in the participants details on the table of the workshop's wiki page, add any venue details etc
    • Send an introductory email to the participants (usually this helps identify typos in email addresses etc). You can provide supporting information about the learning contracts and encouirage them to complete the registration form
    • Join them to the email groups
  • Check on the IT issues (as explained previously)
    • Internet access
    • Accounts to log on and access Internet, etc, if required
    • Check IT policies allow access to the required sites
    • Check you have an account for your computer if required

1 week before

  • Check all arrangements in place
  • Follow up on the learning contracts
  • Remind them about printing handouts
  • Send a draft schedule and agree on the timing (when the workshop starts and ends each day, official opening and closing, etc)

Final schedule

  • Agree with the host organisation, via the COL Focal Point person, on the final schedule timing, etc.

Prepare for the official opening

  • You will by this stage know who will be formally opening the workshop. You can think of a few relevant comments to make in your speech or opening remarks. It will be useful to do some prior research into the host organsiation and those of the participants, and have some initial feeling for potential collaboration using the Wikieducator.

Pre-workshop practice

  1. Run through agenda
  2. Run through introduction slideshow, etc
  3. Set up browser bookmarks (list) as you practice


  1. Arrange transport in advance
  2. Check on availability of Internet access at hotel - you will find it useful in the evenings
  3. Visit venue and check facilities
  4. Check handouts are ready
  5. Verify IT issues are all resolved
  6. Test facilitator laptop with projector and Internet access

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