After the Workshop

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After the workshop

Well done! I hope you enjoyed facilitating the workshop as much as I have done. Here are some final tasks that need to be carried out:


Write short report listing the participants and explain what was achieved. Add any comments and lessons learned.

You can find examples of reports at any of the past L4C workshop pages.

Update the workshop page with photographs.

Help us improve this guide

Please feel welcome to edit this guide and add your own ideas, good activities, links to good supporting resources, feedback and general improvements!

You can either:

  • Edit any of the pages and add your ideas and improvements
  • Add a new section on this page, or a new page, for general tips, feedback and good ideas
  • Send your comments to COL

Learning Contracts

Scan and email, or send by courier, the completed learning contracts to COL. COL will provide pre-paid account for a courier.

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