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Templates in Joomla

A key reason that Joomla has been able to thrive in the CMS space despite the numerous excellent competitors is its ability to be extended by users. For instance, the ease with which it’s possible to design a new template puts customization within the reach of the average Joomla user. You won’t be using Joomla long before you will want to either create your own templates or make substantial modifications to an existing template. On a word processor, a resume template has the general layout and basic content items that should be present in the document. The job applicant then fills in the personal information such as name, contact information, and work history. A Joomla template works in the same fashion, except that the Joomla CMS retrieves content from the database and fills in the blanks of the template. The template (or presentation) is completely separate from the content. By selecting a new template, you can change the look of a site from the presentation with a single click in the Template Manager. The creation of the graphics for the template can be demonstrated in program called GIMP If you’re unfamiliar with GIMP, you’ll be glad to discover that it is a free, open source equivalent of Adobe Photoshop. GIMP is available for all the major operating system platforms (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux).