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This page is for links to outputs other than the session reports linked to from the Schedule.

Session Outputs

Follow the pattern set on the Space-time Matrix in terms of where to put your links and naming of the pages (remember the prefix 'JCrete2013:').

Include: topic name, name of convenor, participants, summary of discussion, recommendations and any other outputs.

Use this template if you don't need any flexibility: Template:jcrete-report-2013.

Other (linked) outputs could include: wiki pages (discussion summaries, tutorials), mindmaps, diagrams, rich pictures, photos, audio/video clips, screen casts, patterns, anti-patterns, tweets, blog postings, ....

Other Outputs (ex-sessions)

Ah Ha!

Break-through moments, insights and quotable quotes:

Recurrent Themes and Activities

See Recurrent Themes and Activities


Reflecting Forward


Link to your photos here:

Or upload and insert them into