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This pre-event list of topics is to let people know what kinds of activities are of interest and might end up on the planning board (aka the "space-time matrix" or "schedule") which starts off empty at the start of day 1 in events like this.

  • Add topic ideas for 2013 below (and feel free to include some from 2011 and 2012)
    • and sign (with '~~~' after logging in) if you would be interested in attending the topic if it comes up at the event
    • if you proposed the topic here, sign with 4 tildes '~~~~' which will include the date (and also indicates that you might be willing to convene the session and ensure outputs are produced at the event).
    • Add this page to your watchlist (log in and click on 'watch' above) and in 'my preferences' under 'E-mail' select 'E-mail me when a page on my watchlist is changed' (more).
    • Topics discussion page.

An example of how we can propose a topic:

Coding GPUs with Aparapi and Sumatra

Proposer: Heinz Kabutz 09:50, 14 Nov 2012 (UTC)

How can we utilize GPUs for solving difficult problems in Java?


  1. Dmitry Vyazelenko
  2. ...

A comparison of file system APIs

Proposer: John Kostaras

A comparison of file system APIs:

  • java.io (pre Java 7)
  • java.nio (Java 7)
  • NetBeans FileSystems API



  1. Marcus Schulte
  2. ...

Distributed and parallel Java

Proposer: Faramir 23:48, 22 April 2013 (UTC)

Easy and catchy method to use Java for distributed and parallel calculations... /* without MPICH2! */


  1. ...
  2. ...

Interesting moments with Scala, Clojure, Groovy or another one of the „new“ languages on the VM

Proposer: Marcus Schulte

What made you utter „wow“, „wtf“ or another emotional interjection when toying or working with one of the new languages? Could be fun to look at actual code-snippets. Disclaimer: I’m not an expert at any of them, just dabbled in Scala a bit.


  1. Firstname Lastname
  2. ...

DSLs: internal, external and the eternal pest of the proprietary generator (discussion)

Proposer: Marcus Schulte

A fuzzy topic - may also be just good enough for after-dinner beer-discussions. My current guesses/theses:

  • Annotation-Processors can really help with internal Java DSLs (see Querydsl)
  • External DSLs are mostly not worth the effort and machinery (anymore) in most cases for DSLs used by programmers because they
    • are difficult to integrate seamlessly with the main gp language and need special IDE capabilities to do so.
    • tend to degenerate towards the „big proprietary generator“
  • Good/fluent API goes a long way
  • Mixing existing, standardized languages (XML, YAML, JSON, Scala, Clojure) goes an even longer way.

Reference: Fowler’s bliki


  1. Firstname Lastname
  2. ...

Trends in Java-EE land (discussion)

Proposer: Marcus Schulte

An even fuzzier topic, may fit in with some other topic. But again, some guesses/theses:

  • Are JEE application servers useful, sometimes?
  • Interest in Frameworks like dropwizard and play may suggest that not.
  • My own experience is, that you don’t use much of the advertised features for which you pay dearly when coping with config-/classpath hell.


  1. Firstname Lastname
  2. ...