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About the Organisers

Commonwealth Secretariat

The Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) is an intergovernmental organisation of the Commonwealth Secretariat, working to integrate young people into national development. Founded in 1974, the CYP has for over three decades provided a range of services to young men and women, youth workers, NGOs and national governments in the four regions of the Commonwealth. The CYP operates from four regional centres located in Zambia (for Africa), India (for Asia), Guyana (for Caribbean), and Solomon Islands (for Pacific). Youth Enterprises and Sustainable Livelihoods (YESL) is one of three strategic programme areas of the CYP. The programme promotes a sustainable livelihoods approach to youth employment in the Commonwealth by stressing on the need for young people to become job-creators (youth entrepreneurs) instead of merely job-seekers. ...more

International Labour Organization

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is the tripartite UN agency that brings together governments, employers and workers of its member states in common action to promote decent work throughout the world. The International labour Organization (ILO) Lusaka office Youth Employment Project (YEP) addresses two different levels of activities, both of which are essential in creating more and better employment for young people. The programme concentrates on creating an enabling environment with regard to youth employment and support for National Action Planning. The programme also pilots innovative approaches to decent employment and entrepreneurship for young women and men based on international good practices and related to the needs of and potential of the economies of countries, as well as targeting sectors economic sectors holding potential for decent employment, self-employment and enterprise development for young people.

Host Organisations: Government of Zambia

Ministry of Sports, Youth and Child Development (MSYCD)

Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS)

Other Partners