Intermediate Office Skills

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Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentations

To successfully complete this unit, you will:

  1. Review and build on word processing skills covered in the fundamental course
    1. Create a new document.
    2. Edit a document
    3. Save a document to a disk
    4. Print a document
    5. Retrieve a document from a disk
    6. Use tools such as a spell checker or thesaurus
  2. Format a page using basic page layout properties (margins, justification, boldfacing and line spacing)
  3. Demonstrate the ability to use help features and tutorials
  4. Import information from other sources such as graphs, graphics, spreadsheets, databases and the Internet.


Write an essay on one of the following topics: evolution of computer technology or the range of applications in society. Demonstrate the skills listed above as you create this essay. Email a draft to your instructor who will provide more direction.

Once you have completed the polished draft and received your final grade for it, you may want to post a copy of your assignment here for the benefit of other students. To do so, add the title of your essay below and then link it to a new page where you can place your document.

Evolution of Computers

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