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Your assignment here is to research one of the questions below and, in your own words below the question, provide an answer in one or two sentences. When you're done, email your instructor a copy of the link to your answer.

What was the first application computers were used for?

The first applications computers were used for was for the military. It was used to calculate elevations for large guns on ship to shore campaigns http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_were_computers_first_used_for

The military was the cause of the first apllications for the digital computer ENIAC. It was used to calculate elevarions for large guns on ship to shore campaigns. (n)

What is the history of how we got the word processor?

How about the spreadsheet?

Visicalc - The first spreadsheet program was delevoped by Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston. Released in 1979 to the population. It was designed for the Apple II computer. The pair would develop different versions for other operation systems later on. Eventually Visicalc would be sold to Lotus Development Corporation. Then Lotus would develop their version for the PC.


What about presentation software?

What are some emerging applications for the computer?

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