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The establishment of networks to:

  • foster best practice of research management in the ITP Sector.
  • advocate for raise the profile of, and disseminate information based on research conducted in the ITP sector.
  • maintain a watching brief for trends, areas of concern, potential problems, opportunities and difficulties in relation to research in the ITP sector.
  • foster collaboration in research initiatives both within the sector and with stakeholders.
  • additional information - please add


Representatives of eleven Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics met in June 2009 and agreed to create the ITP Research Forum to promote, encourage and support research activity in the ITP sector in New Zealand.

The members are committed to sharing resources, working cooperatively and collaboratively to provide maximum benefit from the research capability of our sector to our students, our regions and New Zealand.

This wiki has been set up to support collaboration through using and sharing resources in an open content environment.


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