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About the Project

We want to contribute to an innovation of school physics teaching in Uganda:

  • Building an on-line community for physics teachers at secondary level
  • Creating content in school physics that is suited for the African context
  • Stimulate scientific thinking
  • Stimulate practical (hands-on) activities.
  • Promote learner-centred approach in physics teaching
  • Involve students in physics projects that are problem solving oriented.


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Guiding principles

We want to create content that is based on the everyday experience of African students, be it technology or nature.

We begin where our students already are and lead them to a discovery and development of their own capacities.

We try to minimize theoretical teachings and foster practical activities.Read more


Status Quo

  • Lack of suitable physics text book materials suited to the African context.
  • Lack of student activity packs for given topics.
  • Limited physics teacher collaboration.
  • Failure by physics teachers to relate class work to reality.
  • Limited effort by teachers to involve students in a way that fosters creativity and innovative scientific thinking other than mere recall.
  • Lack of laboratory resources.
  • Lack of physics teachers
  • Low motvation among the teachers so they show little committement
  • Lack practicle skills in some areas so the teachers shy from them

Activities/News and events