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Contact-new.svg Peter Kato
Employer:Mwanga 1 memorial secondary school
Occupation:Physics and Mathematics teacher


Welcome to my user page. I am a Physics and mathematics teacher at Mwanga 1 memorial secondary school in Uganda,south of the Sahara and I feel greatly honored to be part of this community and make a contribution where I can

My motivation

When I was first introduced to the idea of a wiki,it was more confusing than interesting.I was wondering,how possibly could many people do colaborative editing of the same product and not cause chaos?! I could see the benefits of the colaborative aspect but surely not the serene part of it. The suprise was when i visited the site and could see tremendous well organised work and not a trace of the much feared chaos. This must really have been the product of a great thinker(s)!! who I would die to meet one day.The more I think of it now,the more I see an possiblity for me to do things differently,a task that had eluded me in the over a decade as a science educator.

The project, Center for innovative physics teaching in Ugandais, i believe, one such avenue...and the idea of a free education curriculum by 2015(though possibly too ambitious!),is very scintilating to me as I see the many bright girls and boys in my country fail to go to school because of the ever increasing cost of education.


  • Bsc educ degree from Makerere University (1992).
  • Post graduate diploma in Computer science.

(Comment.gif: Welcome to WE and the Ugandan working group! I'm looking forward to interesting cooperation. BTW, in my experience a certain degree of chaos can be quite productive. So please contribute to ours!--White Eagle 09:18, 15 October 2008 (UTC))