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Flavor 1

Key Points

Prerequisite: K.1 Vocab [unit, tens and hundreds]
K2: number of digits in unit, tens and hundreds.

Prerequisite. S.1. SWBAT identify a number as either a hundred or tens or units by visual inspection.


T writes a number on the board and then checks with S if they have prerequisite knowledge of assigning place value to the number. Once that is checked, T will call three students up to the front and give them 1, 2 and 3 ice-cream sticks respectively and then ask them to turn their backs to the class.

Introduction of New Material (INM)

Visual: T will ask the student holding 1 stick to turn around and then T writes a single digit number on the board and tells students that a unit number has only 1-digit. Similarly, T asks the S with 2 ice-cream sticks to turn around and then T writes a number with tens digit (2-digit) on the board and will tell the students that a tens digit number has 2-digits. Then T writes a hundreds (3-digit number) on the board and ask the third S to turn around and tell the students that a hundreds digit number has three digits.

CFU for class: T writes three pairs of numbers on the board. Each S tells his partner which is units, tens or hundreds number based on the number of digits.

Guided Practice (GP)

In the groups of two, the S will do the following:

Q1. Tell the number of digits in the following numbers:

a) 23
b) 4
c) 234
d) 120
e) 200

Q2. Tell your partner if the following is a units number or tens number or a hundred number:

a) 45
b) 43
c) 456
d) 200

Independent Practice

Students will answer the following questions on their own:

Q.1 How many digits in a units number?

Q2 How many digits are there in a hundreds number?

Q3. Write if the following is a Unit, Tens or Hundreds number:

a) 12
b) 9
c) 100
d) 345
e) 123


Each group will write a unit, tens and hundreds number on the notebook and hold it up for T to see.

Flavor 2

In case there's a totally different way you know to deliver this lesson, you can create another flavor of this lesson here.