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It is very useful to have your own practice area on the wiki, particularly if you are new to the Wiki, want to learn new editing skills, or are testing more complicated layout features (i.e., tables, graphics, etc.)

Activity 1: How to create a Sandbox (or practice area).

Download a print version of these instructions.

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Creating a personal sandbox
  • Write down the following text on a piece of paper exactly as it is displayed below, or copy the text by high lighting the text with your mouse using the "cut and paste" method:
[[/My sandbox/]]
  • Go to your User page. (Remember that you must be logged in to do this. Click on your User name to the right of the User.gif image at the very top of any page.)
  • Click the "edit" link on your user page to activate the edit mode and insert the text you have copied exactly as it appears above. That is you must type the following text:
[[/My sandbox/]]
  • Click on the Save page button at underneath the editing area.
  • If you have done this correctly you will see a link in red text: "My sandbox"
  • Click on this link and enter some text, for example: "Content coming soon ...."
  • Click on the Save page button.

Visit the show me how movie for a practical demonstration. (Not recommended for low bandwidth connections)

Confusing signs? Image courtesy of Dano on Flickr
Don't worry if you find the Wiki text for creating the sandbox is a little confusing at this stage. We haven't covered the syntax for creating new pages, and this is a more complicated example. However, if you're interested, this wiki markup has resulted in a dedicated personal sandbox off your user page, rather than one single sandbox for all the users of WikiEducator.