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Upside Down Typography, image by Bruno Girin on Flickr
You can do most basic formatting on the wiki using the Editor toolbar that appears while you are in Editing mode but there may be times when you need to apply more sophisticated syntax. You do this by applying wiki markup manually to the text you are creating.

To italicise and bold text, you surround the text you wish to format with 2 or 3 single quotes (') respectively. Headings are created by surrounding text with equals signs (=). Lists are either bulleted (*) or numbered (#).

If your formatting does not appear to be working, there may be a simple mark-up error, for example:

  • With headings, check to see that you have the same number of equal signs before and after the heading text.
  • Similarly, with bold and italics you should check that the same number of single quotation marks (') are used before and after the text being formatted.

Soon you will become quite adept at spotting syntax errors. One advantage with a wiki is that every edit is recorded, so its relatively easy to fix any mistakes. Remember that the Help link in the navigation sidebar appears on every page and can be used to access all of the available help pages on the wiki including this Tutorial.

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Refining your user page

The purpose of this activity is to use the skills you learned in this tutorial to improve the structure, layout and content of your User page. Go to your User page (which you can access by clicking on your User name after the User.gif image at the very top of the page) and:

  • see how you can improve the structure and content of your user page by adding headings and subheadings;
  • review your text to see whether you can improve the layout by adding emphasis (bold and italics).
  • Are there parts that may communicate more effectively by adding a bullet or numbered list?

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • List your questions here ....