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(Comment.gif: Numbers are used for ease of feedback, NOT to indicate priority) - Randy Fisher 15:52, 18 October 2012 (UTC)

  1. To rapidly develop newsletter content and ensure quality and version control to FIT stakeholders (particularly as the new FIT website nears completion and soft / hard launch dates).
  2. To easily leverage and re-purpose newsletter content; and also leverage ICTC material from other programs for use in ICTCs communication channels.
    1. This demonstrates that ICTC is active on several fronts
    2. This helps increase recipients understanding of how FIT works in conjunction with other programs and activities.
    3. To inform the development of FIT's Communication / Stakeholder Engagement strategy
  3. To support FIT's Regional Reps in their recruitment, relationship-building and outreach activities
  4. To share useful educational resources with the ICTC community; enable teachers to share resources with their peers (via social networks), respond to teacher needs, and strengthen connections with, and between teachers in the FIT teaching community.
  5. To conduct and leverage action research and knowledge sharing to: (1) inform the design and development of FIT's online teacher community; ((2) integrate with FIT's communication strategy and overall stakeholder engagement and project planning; and (3) promote and 'sell' the FIT program
  6. To ensure that the FIT Newsletter is open to all while making a clear distinction between freely-available content, and FIT Members-only (i.e., secure, password-protected content.)
  7. To contribute to ICTC's focus on sustainability
  8. To save time and money - by using WikiEducator's (WE) accessible and free hosting platform (wiki); and exploring potential opportunities for partnership, funding and collaboration with a growing community of 18,000+ educators in 120+ countries.