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To Do

Here are some points Emily would like to make about the teacher section and what she believes needs to be added:

(Comment.gif: From Tracy to Randy - perhaps you can start by (1)addressing what has been done in each of these sections or (2) what you are planning on having done for each of these sections.)


We must include the following:

a) Teacher Handouts
b) Student Handouts
c) Education Specialists
d) Parents
e) Partners
f) Presentations
g) Education and LMI Reports

Training for Teachers

a) Why (cisco networking)

b) Where (who to contact)

c) When – if possible

Getting Started with FIT

a) Classroom – Tech Requirements

b) Registering Students


(Comment.gif: Something should be said in her for "recognition" - who recognizes the FIT Certificate?)

a)Sample Certificate for teachers to download

b) How fit can prepare students for Industry Certification (I will link this to my Certification section)

How Can I Participate?

a) Teacher area needs revision
i) Becoming Advocates for FIT

What is an MOU?

a) Sample MOU