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Media Requests

We appreciate your interest in the Focus on Information Technology Program (FIT), the schools and people involved and the learning outcomes. Please ask us about how we can help you connect with great local resources in your community - an inspiring FIT student, a dedicated FIT teacher, an innovative school principal, or an engaged school district.

Please provide the following information, so that we can meet your deadline.

Your First & Last Name Your Contact Info

  • Phone numbers (i.e., office and cell phone)

Your Position / Role

Your Organization & Publication

  • A link to your publication

Focus of your Story

  • Area of Focus
  • Date of Publication (i.e., when your story is to be run)
  • Deadline
  • Word Count

Who Do You Want To Interview?

  • When?
  • Format 1 (i.e., in person, by phone / Skype)
  • Format 2 (i.e., for print, radio, TV, blog, etc.)

Are Photos, Videos and/or Images Required?

  • What type of image are you looking for (i.e., headshot, visuals)
  • What type of logos or other graphics do you need? (i.e., in which formats)

Please email your information to: media address @ ICTC.

We appreciate your cooperation - we will be in touch as soon as possible.