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Communications Strategy

(Comment.gif: includes Stakeholder Engagement) - Randy Fisher 14:10, 23 November 2012 (UTC)


  • What are internal processes (including approvals, signoffs) for developing and disseminating information.
  • Who does what, with who's knowledge and signoff?

Social Media Assets

  • (Comment.gif: Are there lists on Twitter that we have already populated?) - Randy Fisher 13:29, 23 November 2012 (UTC)

ICTC Assets

  • Key Messages - ICTC & FIT
  • FIT Newsletter
  • FIT Website
  • FIT Video (NEED Link)
  • ICTC Surveys
  • Other (specify):

ICTC / FIT Relationships

  • High Schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Educational Organizations / Associations
  • Alumni
  • Friends of FIT / ICTC


  • by province
  • by stakeholder group (i.e., teachers, students, school admin, policy makers, politicians, parents (note - some folks have dual roles)
  • inclusion in their communications, newsletters
  • by affiliated organizations, networks and communities (i.e., by province, by sector; nationally, provincially, regionally and communities (including economic development)
  • inclusion in their communications, newsletters
  • by media
  • see Media Requests
  • (Comment.gif: What happens when media calls us - who speaks for FIT to the media; is this provincial reps, tracy, etc. Is there a process for this?)
  • by social media
  • by website(s)

Good Practices

Creative Commons' 10th Anniversary Celebration

(Comment.gif: From Cable Green - As I'm sure you know, this year is Creative Commons' 10th Birthday! Starting this Friday, we'll be launching into a 10-day frenzy of celebrations leading up to 16 December - the day the first CC license suite was launched in 2002. The celebrations will be wide ranging, including more than 20 celebrations worldwide, a dedicated website (, interviews and featured resources, a social media campaign and our usual annual fundraising campaign.)

As part of the CC community, there are many things you can do to help:

  • Go to a party, or encourage your friends to attend. There are CC10 events planned on every continent (except Antarctica), starting tonight and continuing almost every day through December 16. There are even some online events and webinars. See them all listed at
  • Give CC a birthday present! Write something, draw something, compose something - whatever you do well - and add it to our CC10 Flickr group:, or send it to us via Twitter, Facebook or at


(What has to be done, by when)


  • Notify provincial reps about need to engage their contacts (primarily FIT) to subscribe to the mailing list for the FIT newsletter
  • Inform them in FIT weekly meeting - that they will be getting a note from FIT-HQ
  • Follow up communication with reps - with an email note with actual request in the body of the email (for folks to subscribe to the newsletter - includes sign-up link). They will send their contacts this email OR the contents of this email - advising them to sign up and opt-in to the FIT newsletter
  • Sign-Up Link needs to be developed (and inserted into the email); also where will it direct to? What does the landing page have to look like? Who is doing this, by when?
  • ICTC will craft email
  • Newsletter to be published mid-month (starting in January)
  • NB Jan 8. activity - have NB teachers sign up and opt-in to newsletter (at least 50 teachers) - let folks know that it is primarily for FIT but not exclusively. Ask them if they know of other places where we / they can share the existence of the community (i.e., channels, other teachers, admin folks, etc.)
  • Share to Twitter, Facebook, other social media channels

Outstanding Needs:

  • a sign in page and opt-in; also, provide link
  • a newsletter template with ICTC / FIT logo (i.e., look and feel, and placeholders for content)
  • Process flow re: content put into newsletter template
  • a metrics report (from who?) regarding how many people have signed up to the newsletter for tracking purposes. (Who can provide this, and where does it come from / reside?)

Publication Timeline

(Comment.gif: What about translation? How is this handled - the entire issue, some articles?)


  • Freeze Content - 1 week before Publication Date
  • Editing, proofing, revision (1 day)
  • Submit for Approvals (2 days)
  • By person submitting content - Emily, Tracy
  • By ICTC Communications - Lee, He Jung
  • Place content into newsletter template (pre-defined) - (1 day)
  • Coding (if any)
  • Final review - copy, look and feel (1 day)
  • Who does this?
  • Decide distribution list (ensure that it is populated and ready-to-go)
  • Test email(s)
  • Make modifications as necessary
  • Test until satisfied
  • Publish - to specified distribution list
  • Share link with all ICTC and FIT social media channels
  • Track and measure progress / monitor metrics
  • Analyze results (1 day)
  • Other?

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Media / Social Media Monitoring
  • Feedback
  • FIT Core Group
  • ICTC Internal
  • FIT Stakeholders

Followup & Continuous Improvement

  • TBD