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Credenda Opportunity, SK

(Comment.gif: Questions for Nancy & Vince Hill - FIT & First Nations opportunity)

How does the FIT Program & standards (competencies) map to existing curriculum in Saskatchewan and/or First Nations?

  • If Yes, please explain
  • If No, who pays for creating the crosswalks?

What is the anticipated demand for (1) FIT Program; and (2) FIT Courses?

  • How many people / bands?
  • Over what period of time?

How will the FIT Program be promoted – so that people will take the courses?

  • Who does the marketing and promotion?
  • Who pays for this?

What is involved for people to take the FIT courses?

  • Financial
  • Other than financial

What is the business / financial model for Credenda to offer the FIT program?

  • How does Credenda make money?
  • How does ICTC-FIT make money (and/or receive funding support for its FIT program, services)?

What is the timeframe for this project? Is this realistic?

  • 0-6 months
  • 7-12 months
  • 1-2 years
  • 3+ years

Would there be a pilot phase first? Yes / No? What would this look like? Numbers of People, Bands, etc. How Many Students?

  • Explain

What do both parties need from each other?

  • Vince Hill – Explain
  • ICTC – FIT - Explain

Who are the other stakeholders, why and how do they need to be involved?

  • Explain