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Class social bookmarking account for sharing resources

All resources will be compiled in a class account called GDTEOP on a social bookmarking site known as: This means that you can add resources and share them.

  • Categorising: resources for each topic need to be tagged. For example, material about learning design would be tagged with GDTEOP (for the programme) and learning design (for the topic).
  • Individual accounts: you may also like to set up an individual delicious account to compile material for yourself, sharing only material on the class account that you believe is relevant.
  • Sharing material: to share websites and online articles:
  • login to GDTEOP;
  • Click Add link;
  • Add tags - GDTEOP + name of topic.
  • Outline why the resource is relevant and useful for the topic.
  • Login details: these will be provided at the start of the course.

Learning and Teaching in Practice

Resources are listed under the names of the topics and sub-topics in this course, starting with Praxis.

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Praxis: integration of theory and practice - Overview

Learner Characteristics

Material for this topic is compiled under several categories: learning styles, metacognition, literacy and numeracy, and prior learning.

Learning Styles and Metacognition

Literacy and Numeracy

Prior Learning


Adult Learning Theory and Praxis

Theoretical Concepts and Models


Feedback: Models and Processes

Critical Thinking: Models and Frameworks

Reflective Practice

  • An overview of Reflective Practice with some definitions of reflection and professional learning, and beginning information about critical reflection and reflective writing.