GCTLT Full Qualification RPL/RPL Facillitated Process/Pulling it all together

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Your Assessment

You will be assessed by a small Assessment Panel of 2 to 3 people

The panel will assess your prior learning and your ability to demonstrate the GCTLT graduate profile based on a 75 minute presentation and a supporting portfolio of your evidence.

The Presentation

Now it is time to draw together all the thinking and reflection you have done along with all the evidence you have gathered to create a presentation of your prior learning to be assessed.

Your presentation is to take 75 minutes - please plan this carefully

Your presentation can be in any format you choose that best reflects you but it must:

  • Provide the assessors with a clear picture of your prior leaning and how this has transformed your practice
  • Demonstrate the 9 outcomes of the graduate profile for the GCTLT

Here are some possible suggestions of how you can pull everything together:

Presentation plan (To be developed)

Your Evidence Portfolio

The collation and presentation of your evidence portfolio is an equally important component of your assessment

Key factors with collation of evidence Relevant - clearly linked to outcomes Sufficient - but not too much Valid - verification from others not just provision of own thinking

Possible portfolio outlines (To be developed)