GCTLT Full Qualification RPL/RPL Facillitated Process

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The Process

Welcome to the RPL Process

A process also referred to as Assessment of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL)

The APEL Process

As an APEL candidate you will undertake a facilitated process to be assessed for the full qualification Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching (Level 7).

Initially this involves activities to assist you to reflect on and explore your teaching practice:

  • What do you believe about learning and teaching (your philosophy)?
  • What has influenced and shaped your beliefs?
  • How do you put that philosophy into practice?

You will then be encouraged to develop (approx. 3) case studies to illustrate how your prior learning and current practice meet the 9 graduate profile outcomes. The key areas of focus for these case studies are:

  • Learner Centred Learning
  • Flexible Learning
  • Assessment
  • Curriculum Design/Development
  • Scholarly practice and professional teaching development
  • Integral throughout all identified above is Cultural Sensitivity and Sustainability

Throughout this process you will also be gathering a range of material providing evidence in support of your prior learning.

You will then be supported in the development of a presentation for an Assessment Panel outlining your current practice, the transformative developments you have undergone and how you meet the identified graduate outcomes. The gathered evidence is submitted to the Assessment Panel to accompany the presentation.

Successful completion of this assessment process leads to the awarding of the qualification.