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Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching (Level 7)

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The Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Learning and Teaching - GCTLT (Level 7) is a programme designed to support and extend those working as educators with adults. The focus is on being a learner-centred educator in the tertiary environment.

The GCTLT is a stimulating and flexible workbased qualification, intended to support transformative developments within adult learning and teaching contexts.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) may be sought for the entire qualification demonstrating that candidates can create, deliver and assess quality learning opportunities for students in adult learning environments. Candidates seeking RPL for the full qualification will be assessed against the graduate profile.

During all assessment of prior learning candidates need to demonstrate deep reflective learning and provide evidence to show how their new knowledge was constructed and integrated into a tertiary teaching context.

Candidates are also required to demonstrate that transformative developments have taken place in their practice context(s) which meet the aims and outcomes of the programme as reflected in the graduate profile.

A facilitated process to assess prior learning for the full qualification is available through Capable NZ. Email enquiries


Programme Aim

To provide a work-based qualification which assists tertiary educators to create enhanced learner centred opportunities for students in a New Zealand/Aotearoa tertiary cultural context, develop and deliver quality programmes using flexible combinations and increase knowledge of innovative assessment and evaluative processes compatible with adult education.



Graduate Profile Outcomes

Successful full qualification GCTLT candidates will be able to provide evidence of and demonstrate transformative practice through their ability to:

  1. apply learner-centred learning theories, principles and practices and facilitate learning in a way that develops action capability for sustainability in a tertiary education context;
  2. differentiate between surface, strategic and deep learning approaches, and demonstrate the ability to meet specific learning needs/wants;
  3. integrate culture sensitive approaches into all aspects of learning and teaching practice;
  4. integrate a range of flexible learning practices and delivery modes into a teaching context;
  5. facilitate learning opportunities based on the principles and practices of flexible curriculum design and delivery;
  6. develop strategies for negotiating curriculum according to learner needs/wants and workplace requirements;
  7. assess learning using multiple strategies in a range of contexts, and critique assessment strategies;
  8. view teaching as a scholarly activity and critique own teaching practice in relation to current literature;
  9. draw on research findings to inform, support and advance professional teaching practice.