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WEEK 13 - Unit 9 Topic 2: OER and OEP at Otago Polytechnic - linking with WikiEducator


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Working through the resources, tasks and activities on this page will enable you to:
  • Learn about Otago Polytechnic's stance on open policy
  • Understand the concept and aims of the OER Univrsity
  • Understand the use of WikiEducator as a platform for sharing OER and OEP.

OER and OEP at Otago Polytechnic

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Web Resources

You may have heard of the Cape Town Open Education Declaration, which arose from a meeting in Cape Town in September 2007. The meeting was aimed at accelerating efforts to promote open resources, technology and teaching practices in education. The Otago Polytechnic is also a signatory to this Declaration.

At Otago Polytechnic, Wayne Mackintosh is a director of the OER Foundation which promotes the use of open learning, OER and OEP practices. In a recent interview conducted by Wayne, Phil Ker (CE: Otago Polytechnic) explained the Polytechnic's commitment to OER and OEP: Phil Ker on open policy at Otago Polytechnic.

OER University and WikiEducator

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Web Resources

The notion of an OER University is an ambitious project aimed at providing education to people who would not otherwise have access to education. Gabi Witthaus expalins in a very short Youtube video what the OER University is all about - it is really a work in progress. Watch her video Introduction to the OER University concept and then jot down your reflections.

WikiEducator is based at Otago Polytechnic with the OER Foundation. The main aim of WikiEducator is to act as a platform to provide free resources to those who subscribe to the notion of open learning. WikiEducator, founded by Wayne Mackintosh, is also being promoted as the platform of choice amongst OER University members.

The OER University's WikiEducator site identifies 5 aims for the OERu.

  • What is your opinion of these aims?


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e-Activity 9.2

After watching the Youtube video Phil Ker on open policy at Otago Polytechnic,

  • Identify one advantage of open policy for staff at OP
  • Note one concern of using open policy.

Your response should not exceed 100 words in total.

For those participants enrolled in the Foundation Skills course through Otago Polytechnic, please post your explanation to the appropriate Moodle forum. Further instructions will be provided on the Foundation Skills Moodle site.


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At the end of this topic you should have achieved the following outcomes. You will have:
  • Defined what an OER is
  • Defined what an OEP is
  • Explained what a Creative commons licence is
  • Articulated the advantages and disadvantages of OERs and OEP
  • Reflected on your own practice by examining your use of OEP.

Well done thus far - you're nearly at the end of the Foundation Skills course!!