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Agenda for 3rd Meeting of OERu Partners
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Who we are

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The OERu is a virtual collaboration of like-minded institutions committed to creating flexible pathways for OER learners to gain formal academic credit.

The OERu aims to provide free learning opportunities to all students worldwide using OER learning materials with pathways to gain credible qualifications from recognised education institutions. It is based on the community service and outreach mission to develop a parallel learning universe to augment and add value to traditional delivery systems in post-secondary education. Through the community service mission of participating institutions we will open pathways for OER learners to earn formal academic credit and pay reduced fees for assessment and credit.

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What we do

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Directed by the core principles of engagement the OERu collaboration:
  • Will design and implement a parallel learning universe to provide free learning opportunities for all students worldwide with pathways to earn credible post-secondary credentials.
  • Offer courses and programs based solely on OER and open textbooks.
  • Design and implement scalable pedagogies appropriate for the OER university concept.
  • Will implement scalable systems of volunteer student support through community service learning approaches.
  • Coordinate assessment and credentialising services on a cost recovery basis for participating education institutions to ensure credible qualifications and corresponding course articulation among anchor partners.


OERu partners

Founding anchor partners (current)

Flag of New Zealand.svg OER Foundation (non-teaching)
Flag of Canada.svg BCcampus (non-teaching)

See: Founding anchor partner statements

Anchor partners (current)


Commonwealth of Learning

List of anchor partners and sponsors



August 2014

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University claims accolade of first OERu partner from the Middle East.

July 2014

The Open University confirms decision to join the OERu.

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OERU planning discussions

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Re: [OERU] edX Global Freshman Academy
I agree, Mika. So does OERu partner Athabasca University, through their BGS programme, and a number of non-OERu institutions as well. ASU is big enough to generate a lot of hype. Just as Stanford d...
Steve Foerster 2015-04-24 14:16:55
Re: [OERU] edX Global Freshman Academy
Note that two OERu members, Thomas Edison State College and Excelsior College, have been granting exam-based credentials for years, and for far less than $200/credit hour--the development at ASU is...
Mika Hoffman 2015-04-24 09:44:11
Re: [OERU] edX Global Freshman Academy
Hi Jim, Thanks for sharing. This is a significant development in the space - MOOCs for credit (but you only pay once you pass.) OERu could be competing in this space if only we could speed up our p...
Wayne Mackintosh 2015-04-23 23:32:31
edX Global Freshman Academy
Arizona State University and edX are now offering freshman level courses for credit. https://www.edx.org/gfa ASU has complete online degree programs, but I suspect this will significantly widen...
Jim Tittsler 2015-04-23 22:47:03


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