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To meet the requirements and gain credit for this course, participants must undertake and successfully complete all assessment activities as described in the Course OutlinePDF down.png. (You need to be enrolled in the course with Otago Polytechnic.) Contact the facilitator if you are interested in negotiating alternative assessments.

Formats for Assessments

A mix of media are acceptable for the Learning Portfolio - written, audio or video formats.

Written work: Ensure your writing is academically appropriate and well structured. You can do this by using headings to break up the writing, and by describing the points you want to make so that they flow in an organised order. Ensure that you use correct grammar and punctuation and that the formatting is professional. Bullet points are fine where emphasis is needed, but full sentences that are grammatically correct need to be the main form of writing that you present, in both the formative and the summative tasks that are written. You might want to refresh your academic writing skills by accessing the resources prepared by the Association of Tertiary Learning Advisors of Aotearoa/New Zealand (ATLAANZ).

Resources for assisting your study

A list of study skills required by tertiary students have been prepared by members of the Association of Tertiary Learning Advisors of Aotearoa/New Zealand (ATLAANZ). The full list is available on their Resource site. For example:

Helen Lindsay at the Otago Polytechnic Learning Centre has kindly made herself available to support enrolled GCTLT participants - on-site and by distance. To make an appointment, please email Helen.


Referencing in APA format is required when you are referring to material that you have been reading. This is called citing. The following links take you to some useful resources to help with referencing.

  • The Purdue Owl APA Referencing Guide has all the information you need to produce APA references and is clearly explained.
  • Citation Machine is a great website that takes you through all the steps of adding the information required for a reference before producing the formatted reference for you. You can then cut and paste it into your document. Very handy.