File Management and Protection/Common Threats/Securing your system

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Securing your system

Measures are applied to secure your system against unauthorised access.

Threat How to prevent it
Unauthorised access
leading to data corruption or deletion of your system and data

Install a firewall and configure it so that an alarm automatically alerts you to a system attack

Use logins and passwords on systems to activate intruder detection software to lock user out

Restrictions on drives, and/or files eg password protect and/or folders to protect sensitive data

Lock computer rooms, security personnel, swipe cards (limiting physical access), use video surveillance

What is a firewall?

A barrier between the internet and your computer positioned at the point of entry/exit to your PC or system (Ports).

How do you set it up?

Configure your firewall so that it automatically alerts you if something is trying illegally to enter your computer system.

An illustration of where a firewall would be located in a network.