File Management and Protection/Common Threats/Ensuring integrity

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Ensuring integrity

Measures are applied to ensure the integrity of data.

Threat How do you prevent it
Internet and email risks
Virus/Trojan attacks

Install an anti virus program RUN the anti virus program AUTOMATICALLY. Update the anti-virus software REGULARLY

Use a firewall and LEAVE THE ALARM ON

Firewall alarm tells you someone is trying to get into your system

Learn to identify "risky" file types. Do not open exe files which are attachments to emails. Learn to check the source of emails, don‘t use instant messaging

Power surges and spikes

Use a plug board with a surge protector (this will ―even‖ out any power surges and power spikes). This will help to protect your hardware eg hard disk

Or have a UPS so that system shuts down correctly and data is saved from RAM

Power failure

Save, save, save so data in RAM is saved permanently

Backup your customised programs and data regularly and keep backups safe in another location

Have a UPS (uninterruptable power supply which gives you time to shut down your system correctly and save any data in the system)