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learning styles, a photo by LindaH


This activity will help you to understand what learning styles are, and what learning styles you may preference in your own approaches to learning.


Watch a movie

  1. Watch HazerBeam's 2:44 minute movie Learning Styles
  2. Help transcribe the audio for HazerBeam's Learning Styles movie an the learning styles movie transcription page. Just add a few lines that have not been done yet. This will help those who cannot access the movie.
  3. Use the links and comments around HazerBeam's movie to Locate another short movie resource on learning styles. Add your new movie links here:
    1. your link here
    2. your link here

What are your strongest learning styles?

Now find out your own learning styles. Go through this survey to discover your own styles. Be careful of the advertising in this website, answer only the questions to get a picture of your stongest learning styles.

Complete your own learner needs analysis

View the learner needs analysis and fill it out based on what you now know about your preferred learning styles

Questioning learning styles

Locate a criticism to the learning styles approach and add the link to it here:

    1. your link here
    2. your link here

Write a response

So what do you make of learning styles? Are they useful for you and your approach to learning? Do you think a teacher who knows about learning styles would be able to offer better services? Or do you think learning is far too complex for a simple awareness of learning styles to be of any use to a teacher or a learner? Why don't you add your point of view and join a discussion that is linked in the tab above?

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