Facilitate adult learners' individualised learning

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Based on NZQA 7095

People credited with this unit standard are able to: establish individualised learning outcomes; negotiate action plans for individualised learning; and support learner progress.

This unit is used in the following courses

Establish individualised learning outcomes

  • Outcomes match the individual's needs, interests, requirements, and abilities.
  • Outcomes contain statements of observable and measurable outcome performance, performance standards, and conditions under which performance is to take place.
  • Outcomes are achievable within available resources and learning opportunities, and are confirmed with the individual

Negotiate action plans for individualised learning

  • Plan includes the individual's learning outcomes, agreed timeframe for completion, and agreed methods for assessment and recording.
  • Plan contains a structured sequence of learning events, key dates and arrangements for support, progress review, and feedback.
  • Plan is recorded, and is agreed by facilitator and learner.

Support learner progress

Range: periodic monitoring, problem solving, remedial face-to-face training.

  • Support given assists the achievement of learning outcomes.
  • Progress review and feedback are implemented in accordance with the action plan.
  • Action plan is reviewed and adjusted to accommodate departures from the original plan.


  • Individualised learning can include learner research, the use of individualised learning packages, distance learning, and mixes of learning opportunities that are available on an individual or group basis.
  • This unit standard does not include assessment of individual's learning.

(Refer to Unit 4098, Use standards to assess candidate performance).

  • This unit standard can be assessed on job and off job in combination.