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May 2011

Near the end of May I posted some documents to augment the The Case of SchoolNet Namibia. Feel free to make wiki versions within the links on the left of the table on that page.

27 November 2010

15 November 2010

The New Zealand schools case studies are basically done, with room for expansion on their current status (ongoing) and future prospects. This completes the first preparatory phase of the work for the FTA case studies module with the following offered (in addition to the UOC-supplied case studies) for refinement and inclusion among the course materials:

Comments are always welcome, along with ideas for learning activities and new case studies.

Thanks for the feedback so far and in advance ....

15 October 2010

New Zealand schools free software case studies active:

5 October 2010

30 September 2010

  • People & Planet case study coming to WikiEducator soon. Watch this space.
  • SchoolNet Namibia case study coming soon to WikiEducator. Watch this space.

31 August 2010

  • Comments on some of the UOC case studies available. Comments on the comments welcome.
  • In the background, work is proceeding with SchoolNet Namibia and People & Planet case studies.
  • Looking for more good case studies of free software in NGOs/ non-profits, etc. which are licensed CC-BY-SA - any ideas? (link below, or e-mail me)

6 July 2010

  • "Create a New Case Study" form added to Case Studies List page. It simply creates a page with the given name and preloads a template page. Go ahead and create one, remembering to add a link to your new case study on the Case Studies list.

25 June 2010

  • Created Inventory of Case Studies to be used in prioritisation for FKI/FTA for now. Later the page may be used for more general purposes.

24 June 2010

22 June 2010

18 June 2010

17 June 2010

15 June 2010

31 May 2010

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