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FLNW2 contributors are invited to host synchronous and asynchronous communication between the FLNW2 participants as well as manage data flows that emerge from within and outside the event. Contributors assist in hosting synchronous communication events as part of the FLNW2 experience. Sessions should be recorded and the contents made freely available for others view and use.

The purpose of connecting virtually to the FLNW2 group is to try to engage respective communities from all around the globe and build an understanding of the communities, cultures and issues which the FLNW2 group hope to interact with. FLNW1 created enormous flows of data and managing this is a worthwhile and necessary task of a highly networked support crew. We will attempt to create a space in the WikiEducator environment to manage this task as well as provide a collaborative authoring environment for managing, recording, and preserving the output.

If you are interested in becoming a virtual host please register your interest in this initiative.

Tagging is currently using: FLNW2, FLNW2mekong, FLNW2laos, FLNW2bankok

Anne paterson.jpg Anne Paterson has been the first person to offer to become virtual host contributor to FLNW2. Anne blogs over at contributeparticipatelearn as well as growing the Engageme resources for educators. Anne brings a wealth of experience to the FLNW2 virtual hosts team.
Chris gnu clouds.jpg Chris is a knowledge worker, free software activist and entrepreneur living in Queensland, Australia. Chris has worked in secondary public education, special education and tertiary sectors with a passion for libre software and libre knowledge.

Chris has also fulfilled roles as a learning resources developer, web developer and a host of roles as a consultant with many not for profit community organisations as both an interactive technology profession and volunteer.

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Graham wegner.jpg Graham Wegner is an ICT Coordinator and classroom teacher at a primary school in suburban Adelaide, South Australia. His long interest in integrating computing technology into learning has led to his specialist leadership role that includes the development of a school Interactive Whiteboard program and the use of ICT's for inquiry based learning. Introducing Web 2.0 technologies into the classroom and leveraging their use as a tool for teacher controlled professional development has been a passion of his over the past two years. Graham maintains his own professional blog, Teaching Generation Z and also posts at Activboarding, a blog focussed on the use of Interactive Whiteboards. Graham has presented on the use of Web 2.0 tools in education at the local level and is part of a loosely networked group of Adelaide based educators focussed on emerging web technologies known as the Net2Blazers and is also a member of the Teach And Learn Online (TALO) group.--grahamwegner 11:05, 20 March 2007 (CET)
Brent simpson.jpg for now see my WikiEd User page.