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Tourists in geothermal area

Image courtesy of Worldislandinfo.com


1. Understand the key terms and concepts associated with tourism and hospitality and the nature of these industries.

2. Analyse the current status of tourism in New Zealand in terms of the factors that influence its growth and success.



Section One of a report on the Tourism Industry in New Zealand, the purpose of this section of the report is to investigate the Tourism Industry in New Zealand


This task forms the first part of a report, which will in total be approx 3000-3500 words, covering this course:

In this section (which covers learning outcome one and two) you must answer the following in approximately 1500 words:

1. What is Tourism New Zealand?

  • Who runs it? Who funds it?
  • Does it have a vision/mission statement? What is its vision for the future of tourism in New Zealand ?
  • What are TNZ's strategic priorities (statement of intent), and how will this be achieved (Tourism 2025 - growing value together) Can you provide an example for each outcome?

2. What does Tourism New Zealand do and why?

3. How does it do it?

  • what campaigns are presently running, describe at least two, (use the branding campaign '100% Pure' to provide evidence)
  • what other tools eg. social media, does it use


  • Your report must be correctly formatted. You can also refer to the links in the supporting resources below.

Line spacing; 1.5

Font; Arial

Font size; 12

Just write this first section so that included in your writing are the answers to the questions above.

  • Date of submission; This is your 1st draft, bring to the review class on Wednesday 16th March for feed back the final draft will be marked as part of the full report.)

Supporting Resources