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Open Education in New Zealand

Open education has a high degree of acceptance in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Government Open Access and Licensing framework (NZGOAL) was approved by Cabinet on 5 July 2010 as government guidance for State Services agencies to follow when releasing copyright works and non-copyright material for re-use by third parties. It standardises the licensing of government copyright works for re-use using Creative Commons licences and recommends the use of ‘no-known rights’ statements for non-copyright material. It is widely recognised that re-use of this material by individuals and organisations may have significant creative and economic benefit for New Zealand[1].

From the perspective of schools, the copyright of all teaching materials produced by teachers vests with the Board of Trustees. NZGOAL encourages boards of trustees to use the least restrictive of licenses with Creative Commons Attribution as the default.

Sources of OER in New Zealand[2]:

In the free/libre and open source world, the following prominent projects of relevance to education are of New Zealand origin:

Free software with roots in New Zealand
  • KOHA - an integrated library system.
  • Greenstone - software for distributed digital library collections.
  • Mahara - an ePortfolio system.
  • eXe Learning - an authoring application to assist teachers and academics in the publishing of web content.
  • Eduforge - "a virtual collaborative learning and exploratory environment designed for the sharing of ideas, research outcomes and information about open source. Eduforge also provides the Open Source Learning Lab to provide training for open source practitioners through a 100% online delivery model. Our goal is to establish innovative training networks throughout the wider education sector, both nationally and internationally".
  • WikiEducator's founder was based at the University of Auckland when the early ideas for WikiEducator were seeded.

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