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Further Resources

Below are further resources relating to the concept of sustainability. Use these as you wish to work out what sustainability means to you and the industry you work in or educate towards.

What is sustainability?

the issues?

New Zealand's sustainability issues

positive responses to the issues of sustainability

the 4 system conditions

Ken Robinson's You tube presentation

Ten things you can do to live more sustainably

What is Sustainability anyway?

How does sustainability relate to Otago Polytechnic?

Many Tertiary Educational Institutions are following suit. One example here:

Resources for including sustainability at Otago Polytechnic?

  • New Zealand Carbon calculator [[1]]
  • Balancing Acts - Food (10:32 mins) [[2]]
  • Balancing Acts - Housing (8 mins) [[3]]
  • Balancing Acts - Daily Travel (6:34 mins) [[4]]
  • The Freecycle Network [[5]]
  • SHAC - Sustainable Habitat Challenge [[6]]
  • MFE's Sustainable Transport [[7]]
  • Al Gore introduces Climate Change - snippet from Inconvenient Truth (10 min) [[8]]
  • Story of Bottled Water - (8:04 mins) [[9]]
  • Sylvia Earle's TED talk on the unsustainability of our oceans (18:16 mins) [[10]]
  • Capt. Charles Moore's TED talk on the seas of plastic (7:23 mins) [[11]]

How is sustainability taught

  • Stevenson, Robert B. (2000). Chapter 18, Conclusion: Education and sustainable development: perspectives and possibilities in Tilbury, D., Fien, J., Stevenson, R.B., and Schreuder, D. (2000). Education and Sustainability: Responding to the Global Challenge. CEC Education and Sustainability
  • Tilbury, D. and Wortman, D. (2004) Engaging People in Sustainability, Commission on Education and Communication, IUCN, Gland, Switzerland and Cambridge, UK. Engaging People in Sustainability
  • Meadows, D., Randers, J. & Meadows, D. (2004) A Synopsis. Limits to growth. The 30- year update. Chelsea Green, US. Limits to growth

Action Competence and Critical Thinking

  • Soren Breiting, Kristian Hedegaard, Finn Mogensen, Kirsten Nielsen & Karsten Schnack. ( ) "Action Competence, Conflicting Interests and Environmental Education." Research Programme for Environmental and Health Education, DPU, Aarhus University. Action Competence, Conflicting Interests and Environmental Education Chapter 6 page 43 and the start of Chapter 4, through to page 60. This is a large document. It needs time to download and has been temperamental with me and has needed refreshing every now and again. Please persevere.
  • Mogensen, F. (1997). Critical thinking: a central element in developing action competence in health and environmental education, in Health and Education Research, Theory and Practice. Vol. 12, No. 4, 1997, pp 429-436. Link: Critical Thinking
  • Some further comments on the Action Competence debate

Sustainable practice course

  • This course is set up as a teacher resource. It has been trialled as a face to face course and documented on the discussion page of the course's wiki site. There are many more resources attached to this course for your information and use with students. For more information on the content and process of education for sustainability specifically to do with this course please contact me at nicola dot bould at