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Who is this course designed for?

This course is aimed at tertiary teachers and tertiary admin staff members who would like to understand sustainability and how it relates to them and their teaching/profession. Therefore the focus is Education for Sustainability from a national (New Zealand) and international perspective. The course enables you to look at and develop your own teaching for sustainability and can be completed in 10 weeks or less, depending on the pace you chose.

Credits, hours and structure

This course is worth 5 credits which equates to 50 hours of work and is structured over 10 weeks. 20 of these hours are contact time, meaning we will meet once a week for a 2 hour meeting. 20 hours are directed hours, meaning these are the hours to do the reading, watching documentaries, reflection (in your learning journal) and assessment work that you will find under the Assessments page of this wiki educator site. Finally, 10 of these hours are self-directed, meaning you can find additional information, additional reading etc. I will meet with you as soon as you start and from there we can organise regular contact. I will endeavour to organise meetings that can include your fellow students on the course to encourage discussion.


  • Identify the process and content of Education for Sustainability (EfS)
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the terminology and concepts that underpin EfS
  • Analyse your own teaching/profession in relation to EfS using reflective practice
  • Utilise the concepts of action competence and critical thinking in relation to EfS