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Welcome and Introductions

Welcome to Education for Sustainability. I am Dr Niki Bould, the facilitator of this course. If you are interested in furthering your knowledge about EfS there are a couple of things to do as you launch into it. This site was initiated by Anna Hughes and Leigh Blackall.

To do:

  • Get yourself a written learning journal, any form is acceptable (hand written, digital or online) - this is really important for reflection and for the assessment, if you want to start blogging and are new to it, refer to this: resource for getting started.;
  • Let me know you are interested in the course email me;
  • Start working your way through the site.


I have attached a whole list of further resources that are not necessary to the course but you may find useful as teaching tools. I am also available to see you and talk about resources if you need help.


Please do as much as possible online in order to save paper in printing. Reading online becomes easier with practice! Also, if you find links do not open when you click on them, try copying and pasting them into the address bar of your internet window. Then advise me if they still don't work. Things change on the internet frequently.

Learning support

  • People enrolled with Otago Polytechnic as students of this course have access to learning support services such as the libraries, the Community Learning Centres, regular contact with learning facilitators and lecturers, assessment services and certification.
  • Otago Polytechnic offers learning support and assessment services through the Educational Development Centre phone 0800 SMART MOVE (762 786).

Course Schedule

  • You may enrol in this course at anytime and complete it at your own pace. My advice is to contact me and start the course before you enrol. Informal learners are welcome to engage with all the content but if you wish to receive feedback, engage with the assessments and gain formal credit for the course you will need to officially enrol.
  • There will be a face-to-face component of this course if you choose. This component is up for negotiation with course participants and can start as soon as you get in touch. If you choose to participate in the face-to-face component then it will comprise of activities and discussion. We may be required to eat lunch during this session if this is the only time participants have to do this, which, of course, is also up for negotiation.