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University of Southern Queensland.

Reflection and introduction to psychological challenges

In this video, Peter Terry introduces the six pillars of elite sports performance and the concept of psychologicalsd challenges. Peter encourages you to think a little more deeply about the psychological challenges in the sport of your choice.
Try to supplement what you already know from your own experiences with information gained from reading articles about sport psychology and reading the postings via the aggregated course feed on the course dashboard from your fellow learners.

Share your context and initial ideas relating to this video by posting on twitter or WEnotes. You can also post longer reflections using the course open forum Remember to include the hastag "#oeruesp" in your post, for example:

  • My interest in sport is as <insert coach/player/administrator/sponsor/spectator/ ...> #oeruesp
  • In my <insert your country and sport> is ... #oeruesp
  • I think <insert psychological challenge> is a PSY challenge in <insert sport> #oeruesp