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(Comment.gif: This e-tivity could be based on the annotated bibliography one I used for the OERuCDTE masters course -- but simplified for first year level. I recommend using a blog rather than database for these kind of reflections. Learners should be instructed to add a Bibliography tag in addition to the oeruesp tag. I include a strawdog example below which will need further refinement. Please delete this note when done. --Mackiwg 04:43, 15 August 2013 (UTC))

e-Learning activity summary

Title: Post reflection on sport psychology article
4 hours
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How to prepare an annotated bibliography

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The purpose of this e-Learning activity is:
  • Search and find an open access article related to the psychology of sport performance.
  • Read it thoroughly and provide a brief reflection on the content.
  • Share your reflection with fellow students using your course blog.

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  1. Think about the sports which interest you
  2. Share your particular sports' interests by posting on twitter or WEnotes and remember to include "#oeruesp" in your post. For example, I like cricket b/c ...... #oeruesp
  3. Search for an article lorem ipsum pro ...
  4. Add step here lorem ipsum pro
  5. Add step herelorem ipsum pro

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Learning outcome actions

Publish a short blog post of 300 to 400 words where you

  1. Share the sport you have chosen to focus on during this course and why you have chose it.
  2. State the article you found and why you selected it.
  3. Prepare a short reflection on the article as it relates to your interests in this course.
  4. Remember to tag your blog post (called a label in Blogger with both of the following tags:
    • "oeruesp" (include the course tag without the quotation marks which is used to harvest your post for the course feed. )
    • "bibliography" (so you can easily find all the bibliographies you publish during this course).
  5. (Comment.gif: Add a point about referencing if you require 1st year students to use, for example APA referencing. If so, include one or two stimulus resources on the preferred referencing style.)
  6. (Comment.gif: Add an instruction to post the article in the resource bank once the wiki solution is set up. --Mackiwg 05:14, 16 August 2013 (UTC))