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Social media tools don't always provide the same sorts of management tools as email and blogs. However, they do provide some similar functions - we'll use Facebook as an example:

Managing posts

  1. Click on your own name in Facebook to view your own timeline
  2. Roll your mouse over a recent post - note the tiny star and pencil in the top right corner: Facebook-starpencil.png
    These allow you to highlight the post (star) or edit or remove it (pencil).


A Facebook post can include a photo attachment as well as text:


See below for more options on uploading photos.


Although there is no way of organizing your posts in folders in the same way as with email, you can create albums for storing photos that belong together. When you click on the Photo tab for a new post, you have the choice to upload a single photo or to create a new photo album - useful when you have a number of photos that all belong together.



Filtering a message

  1. When viewing a post from someone else, roll your mouse over the message.
  2. A small ⇓ icon appears in the top right corner of the post - you can use this to mark the post as spam if necessary. Don't abuse this!


  1. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the window and choose Privacy Settings
  2. You can use these settings to control access - for example:
    • Under Privacy you can control who can find you in Facebook using your email address
    • Under Timeline and Tagging you can control who can see or add to your email timeline
    • Under Blocking you can block interaction with specific users