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Assessment Part 3

You will use ScreenR to record evidence for this assessment task. You may need to start by reviewing the instructions on how to use ScreenR.


  1. Scenario: You need to send a file (eg a spreadsheet of sales figures) to a work colleague.
    Before you start recording, type a brief message of explanation with correct salutations and signature. (However, you can use your own email address in the To: field.)
    Don't send the email yet!
  2. Create a ScreenR recording show the following steps:
    • Add an attachment
    • Send the email
    • Create a folder called Work
    • Move the sent email from the Sent folder to the Work folder


  1. Scenario: You are a member of a sports club and some of the other members are your 'friends' on Facebook (although you don't know them very well). You want to share photos from last week's games with them.
    Before you start recording, make sure you have 3 or 4 images in a folder that you can upload and share.
  2. Create a ScreenR recording show the following steps:
    • Create a new post with appropriate text and photo album
    • Upload the photos to the album
    • Set the audience to Public and complete the Post
    • You've changed your mind - delete the post


Note: you do not use ScreenR for this part of the assessment.

  1. Create three new pages in Weebly:
    1. DCT Assessment
    2. GMail
    3. Facebook
  2. Make the Gmail and Facebook pages sub-pages of the DCT Assessment page
  3. Create links to the sub-pages on the DCT Assessment page
  4. On each of the two sub-pages, create a links to the parent page and another to the relevant screenR recording you have made (see above).
  5. On all three pages, include a brief explanation of its purpose (ie as assessment evidence) and what you have covered. You may also include other relevant and appropriate text and images.

How to submit your work for assessment

  • Post a brief message with the URL of your completed Weebly site (see above) to the Moodle Dropbox