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If you have followed the steps in the previous sections, your flyer should meet the requirements of the brief quite effectively.


First, let’s check the content:

  1. Print your flyer - on light blue stock if you have it, otherwise just plain white stock will do.
  2. Compare the content with the content provided below: make sure there are no spelling mistakes and everything is accurate
  3. Mark any errors on the printed copy so they can be amended later
Available date
Use today’s date
Bulleted items
$200 per week
4 weeks bond ($800)
3 bedrooms
1 bathroom
Single garage
No pets
Close to shopping centre
Contact person
Use your name and phone number
Dunedin inner city apartment


Now,let's check the layout and design of your publication.

Here's the original brief as a reminder:

1. Project
Noticeboard flyer
2. Paper size, colour, orientation
A4, light blue stock, portrait
3. Length (pages)
4. What is the purpose of the document?
To advertise the apartment for rent using the noticeboards at Otago Polytechnic and the local supermarket.
5. Who is the intended audience?
Students or shoppers who are looking for an apartment in the central city.
6. Key messages
Need to communicate the apartment details as well as who to contact etc.
7. Design constraints and considerations
  • Fonts to be used: Arial, Papyrus and Bradley Hand. Need to use one font for the main heading and date available, another for the bulleted list, another for the rest of the flyer.
  • Flyer needs to be legible from at least 1 metre away.
  • Colours need to be appropriate for light blue paper stock.
  • 3 clip art items to be used across the top.
  • Flyer to include tear-off slips with contact information
8. Content sources
Text content is provided. Some stock clip art to be used.
  1. Does the flyer include tear off slips with your name and phone number?
  2. Have you included three graphics across the top? How effective are they for the purpose and target audience?
  3. Is the main heading readable from at least a metre away?
  4. Does the colour scheme harmonise with the pale blue paper to be used for printing?
  5. Have you use the three required fonts - and no others?
  6. Overall, how effectively does the flyer communicate its key message to the target audience? How could you improve this?
  7. Mark any changes on the printed copy so they can be amended later

When you have carried out a thorough evaluation, open the publication and make the changes you have recorded on the print-out.