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Phi Theta Kappa honor society chapters at community colleges in Nevada and California

Annual website competition

2010 sample review survey - Click Here to rate the Phi Theta Kappa Sites 2010

Nevada / California Region of Phi Theta Kappa Chapters

For the Nevada/California region

For the list of individual chapters in the region

Chapters with websites:

2009 Chapter Website / Social Networking Site Award

 :: 2009 Chapter Site Reviews - student collaborative reviews

Reflecting the trend/growth in social networking sites (such as Myspace, Facebook, etc.) this award will allow one of two options or categories:

  • "Traditional" (Website) or
  • "Contemporary" (Social Networking Site).

No preference / favoritism is implied by the use of those titles.

Entry Specifications

A chapter website/social networking site will be judged by the following minimum criteria:

  • ease of traveling through the site (navigation)
  • visual appeal and general appearance
  • all links should work
  • includes a list of chapter officers and advisor(s) with chapter and/or individual('s) contact information (as is appropriate) - emails, phones numbers are optional, in order to preserve privacy and avoid possible spamming by outsiders.
  • scrolling (through lengthy pages) is to be minimized
  • site is to be current and up–to–date

Additional recommendations:

  • Compatibility with Mac and PC platforms
  • Compatibility with multiple servers: Netscape , Explorer , Firefox, Opera, etc.
  • Interactive (as opposed to pages of text)



These are some of the scoring rubrics considered