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Peace Education

Peace Education is a very complex subject that covers a wide range of topics. Teachers around the world need good online resources to use in their classroom and as reference material. As a community service learning project, in cooperation with Teachers Without Borders, students contribute to this page of educational resources.

Pease Education Lesson listing format

For the topic you select, research the web to locate 3-5 web sites that provide "lessons" about the topic. For each of these lessons, add an entry to this page in the appropriate section. Include

  • lesson title
  • web site address
  • a brief summary of the lesson message
  • how it could be used for students learning about Peace
  • grade level if available, intended audience "kids" or "adult", or teacher resource
  • media type, duration - eg. [video length]
  • include your first name and last initial
  • what you learned from the lesson and why you selected this one

Lesson materials can include podcasts and videos as well as text material.

Learn more...

Great Peacemakers Like You and Me

Consequences of War

Uniting Nations

Eco resolution

Intercultural Cooperation

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Multicultural Education

  • An Introduction to Culturally Relevant Pedagogy - Education experts explain how to make culturally relevant pedagogy a reality in your classroom. Lesson: there are many things that teachers can do to link culture values into their teaching of academic subjects and these are as important for students to learn as other skills. [Teacher resource, video 4:39] Video shows students working together and with their teachers. The commentators talk about the concepts and how they can be put into practice. ..vt example


Problem Solving