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CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society  :: SUMMER 2010

Students participate in collaborative writing through the use of this wiki. Their work on these assignments is published below.

Community service learning

These are the community partner organizations, and service learning opportunities for this semester.

Read through the project information and select a project. You will be working individually on the Community service learning project. However, other students may select the same community partner organization to work with.

  • Peace Education - teaching and learning about Peace, educational resources for students
  • Project Gutenberg - proof reading
  • Tar Heel Reader - creating easy reading online picture books for young adult learners
  • Local Community Service - for students who are already working with a community partner organization
  • online community service project - if there is a not-for-profit (preferably online) community service learning project that meets the requirements, please talk with your instructor about working for this organization - you must have Instructor approval before you do your actual community service work.

Open Textbook Reviews

CIS2 Open Textbook Reviews

Brain Color Groups

Work as a group with others with the same Brain Color as you. Identify 3 characteristics that you share with others with the same brain color as you. Everyone should list three of their own. Then as a group, narrow that down to just three. Show all your work on the wiki page for your Brain color.

Great Technologies List

..see Great Technologies List - add your suggestions along with those from students in previous classes

Final Projects

Final projects for Summer 2010 address the U.N. Millennium Development Goals. The UN renewed commitments to achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 and to set out concrete plans and practical steps for action. Additional information about the Goals, problems and successes.

How can computers and the internet contribute to resolving these societal issues? What is being done now? What is planned for the future?

Through research, discussion and collaborative writing, prepare a WikiEducator page that describes the goal, current problems and how these are being addressed through innovative application of technology and the internet. Include specific examples of success and profiles of the people who are making a difference.

Some resources to help you with this work

Wiki tutorials, guides and help

WikiEducator resources

More wiki help