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CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society SUMMER 2010

Brain Color Project - GREEN

Work as a group with others with the same Brain Color as you.

Identify 3 characteristics that you share with others with the same brain color as you. Everyone should list three of their own. Then as a group, narrow that down to just three. Show all your work here in the wiki page.

Individual lists - include your first name so we know who submitted each list

  • your list of three characteristics -- your first name

Thoughts and suggestions for getting to the Final Three

  • note of your thinking and comments so everyone can help reach the decision on the Final Three.

Final Three - list of three characteristics that best represents the whole group

  • only one list of three that the group agrees on

Individual lists - Alexander

  1. Passionate
  2. Random (open minded / think outside the box)
  3. Genuine

Individual lists - Anthony

Knowledge is power

Logical Thinker


Individual List- Kim

1. Hard Working

2. Reliable

3. Caring

Individual List - Debra

1. Creative problem solver

2. Thinks outside the box

3. Thinks before doing

These were listed as "Green" characteristics from taking the test.

Individual list - Kyle

1. Helpful

2. Hard working

3. Great problem solver

Individual list - Abhinay

1. Intelligent

2. Creative

3. Dedicated

Individual list - Zhijian John Wang

1. Creative

2. Visual thinker

3. Logical

Individual List- Lindsay Orlando

1. Passionate

2. Visual thinker

3. Creative

Individual List - Andrew L

1. Logical

2. Helpful

3. Visual Thinker

As of 7/29/10 - 4:30 p.m.

I'm going to go ahead and start the selection process. I hope that as everyone else logs in, they'll make updates. (Debra)

For the Green Brain Color group (pending final group decision)

3 Characteristics:

1. Caring

2. Hard working

3. Problem Solver

Abhinay here: I like this list. But I would use a better word for #3, Creative, or the like. (7:11)

Lindsay O: I agree that Creative should be #3 but I also think that Visual Learner should be included... maybe instead of Caring?

Kim: I like the Visual learner, Hard Working and Creative.

Anthony: I can agree with all the other listed; would just like to add the Leadership role though

As of 7/29/10 - 8:15 p.m.

Debra: Ok, I've updated the list per everyone's comments. I'll check back later to see if any more updates are needed. Here's the updated list:

3 Characteristics:

1. Visual Learner

2. Hard working

3. Creative

As of 7/29/10 - 11:25 p.m.

Debra: I think we have a consensus of our 3 Characteristics, here's our final list:

1. Visual Learner

2. Hard working

3. Creative