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CIS 2 Computers and the Internet in Society SUMMER 2010

Brain Color Project - BLUE

Work as a group with others with the same Brain Color as you.

Identify 3 characteristics that you share with others with the same brain color as you. Everyone should list three of their own. Then as a group, narrow that down to just three. Show all your work here in the wiki page.

Individual lists - include your first name so we know who submitted each list

  • your list of three characteristics -- your first name

Thoughts and suggestions for getting to the Final Three

  • note of your thinking and comments so everyone can help reach the decision on the Final Three.

Final Three - list of three characteristics that best represents the whole group

  • only one list of three that the group agrees on

Group traits as of 7/29/10 11:30pm:

Patient, caring and detail oriented

Monica: detail-oriented, patient, caring

Renard: detail oriented, driven, inquisitive

Justin: friendly/outgoing , patient, caring

Megan: patient, caring and very detail oriented.

As of right now, it looks like our three could be patient, caring and detail oriented. This could change when others list. :o) Monica

Agreed... it seems 2 of 3 of us each share the characteristics of caring, being detail oriented, and patience. Hopefully we have more students contribute so there can be a greater population to select traits from. If not, I would go with the three mentioned above by both Monica and myself. Renard

Blue meant that you are the "peace keeper" in a group. I believe that being patient and caring would both be characteristics of a "peace keeper". Monica

I checked the Brain Color quiz in Assignment 1 and it looks like there are 10 of us who are blue. Unfortunately, this will be the last time I will be able to check my email. I am on the east coast now about to head back (long drive) to Bama it's 9:30 pm my time. I definitely agree with patient and caring. Obviously, friendly would go with those two characteristics. -Monica

It's nearly our 11:30pm deadline for Module 9, and I dont' see any activity either since I last checked midday today. I would agree with patient and caring too. Either detail oriented or friendly would be appropriate. Given that two of selected detail oriented, I think we should just leave it as is. Renard 

Sorry my internet was down all day and I just managed to get on. I would agree with this, I'm very patient and caring towards people I know. When it comes to work and school work I'm very detail oriented as well. So patient and caring it is. However I just noticed that we need a list of three, not two.

We still need a third. Can we agree on outgoing or friendly for everyone? This will go along with patient and caring.