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Brownbag presentations and discussions

These will be informal sessions with various topics related to distance learning and the use of technology, facilitated by DLC staff or other De Anza faculty. Brownbag sessions meet in LCW-26, located in the lower level of Learning Center West.

Please contact April Qian qianapril at deanza dot edu or just drop in to attend brownbag.

Communicating with students with Discussion and other tools

  • one to many - announcements, whole class, news
    • asynchronous - delays
    • synchronous, real time - CCCConfer
  • one to one - email, messages, chat, Instant Message


  • lists

Moodle forum

  • topics
  • post, reply, edit, delete
  • viewing
  • rating
  • other settings

Examples of course enhancements using online technology


  • syllabus / green sheet, handouts, readings


  • student - student
  • student - instructor
  • student - content

Incorporating Audio/Video Components into your course


  • formats
  • recording
  • storage
  • inclusion


  • formats
  • recording
  • storage
  • inclusion


Opensource and Free Educational Resources


  • designations
  • permissions - reuse, rework, remix, redistribute

Open Educational Resources (OER)

  • creation, maintenance
  • adoption


  • major US universities - Connexions (Rice), MIT, Stanford
  • peer reviewed - MERLOT
  • collaborations - WikiEducator, Wikiversity, Wikibooks