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(Comment.gif: This letter does not use embedded links, so it can be easily copied and pasted into an email ~ and the links will be visible. Randy Fisher 17:32, 11 September 2008 (UTC))

Dear XXXX,

I am writing to ask you, if you might be willing to donate one of your recipes to a fine cause: WikiEducator

WikiEducator (WE) is to education, what Wikipedia is to information (we are open source, and WikiEducator's founder sits on the International Advisory Board of the Wikimedia Foundation - the same technology engine of Wikipedia).

WikiEducator is a global project of the Commonwealth of Learning in Vancouver (, and is aligned to achieving the UN's Millennium Development goals. We have over 10,000 users in many countries throughout the world, and are in the top 150,000 websites in the world. We are growing rapidly...Check out our global traffic rankings - ou can see our global traffic rankings at:

We are developing a project node within WikiEducator, devoted to developing Open Educational Resources for the Culinary Profession - (as is the wiki-way, we are a work-in-progress).

We are asking our favourite chefs to donate recipes in any format (i.e., text, images, audio, video) ~ so that others may learn from their experience....and elevate the Culinary Profession around the world!

You will be in fine company:

  • Ryan Stone, Sous-Chef, Vancouver Mariott Pinnacle Hotel Downtown, Vancouver, Canada

Benefits of Contributing Your Recipe to WikiEducator

In return, we would be pleased to:

  • provide attribution
  • provide a page where you can post your bio, photo, interests, recipes,website and em and recipe(s);
  • provide free training in wiki skills (for you or a colleague);
  • develop a news/feature item on the Culinary Education node;
  • feature you on our main WikiEducator page (Portal News) - WE has a global audience!!
  • appreciate your contribution as the WikiEducator Community.

(Please note we do not permit advertising on WikiEducator ~ as it is an educational site).

If you wish to be involved in other ways and/or collaborations, there are many opportunities....

Would you be open to having a conversation?

Please let me know.

Many thanks!

- Randy