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About Me

Chef Chop Chop (aka Stephane Landreau) was born and raised in Vendee,North-West France.

I have developed a passion for cooking from a long-standing family tradition of farmers and Vineyards.

With four years of Chef training in France and more than 15 years of Professional cooking in France, the United States and most recently Canada.

Chef Chop Chop has cooked for Heads of State and Dignitaries such as Paul Bocuse,Gaston Lenotre, Roger Verges and the Parisian Foreign Affairs Minister.

Specializing in International Cuisines such as French, Italian, Japanese and other world dishes.

I have been featured on radio, TV and new on radios and televisions and newspapers. I finished 2nd at the City TV Master Chef Competition.

I have given cooking classes at Vancouver School Board, friends for life society, wineries and farms. I have also been cooking privately - in people homes, boats and villas. My cookbook is coming out soon!

My goal is to bring love and life in North America plates and kitchens. I am submitting his first demo TV cooking show to producers and broadcasters.

My line of products is also coming out soon. (aprons, chefs jackets, pans, etc.)

My Recipes


  • Ratatouille Video - coming soon!

Contact Information

Chef Chop Chop (aka Stephane Landreau)